Product Details

Nu Joint with "Collagen type II" from chicken sternal cartilage is the most remarkable breakthrough in Arthritis Pain Relief and Joint Repair, Naturally without side effects.

Various major double blind clinical studies using Nu Joint's main ingredient Collagen Type II conducted at Harvard Medical School and by Doctors in California showed that 90% of patients on the actual Collagen Type II had significant improvement in their arthritis condition and pain relief. In fact 14% in one study had total remission of the disease. Collagen Type II was shown to be very effective in a wide range of Arthritis types such as Osteo, Sports Injury, Rheumatoid, Fibrositis, Gout, Lumbosacral Pain and Cervical Spine Pain.

Nu Joint, a natural product, provides the raw materials to rebuild human cartilage. It requires approximately 50 chickens to produce the Collagen Type II found in each bottle of Nu Joint. There are 14 different types of Collagen, but only Collagen Type II is the effective collagen.
And only Collagen Type II derived from chicken sternal cartilage has been proven effective. Nu Joint contains only Collagen Type II from chicken not hydrolyzed bovine Collagen Type II found in beef. Nu Joint's Collagen Type II is a powerful anti-inflammatory and actually helps rebuild damaged joints, tendons and cartilage in arthritic joints.

Nu Joint also contains MSM known as Methyl Sulfoni Methane which is a naturally occurring form of organic sulfur found in most foods that are not processed. Natural MSM is destroyed in processed and cooked foods when temperatures reach 130
°F or above. MSM has been found in Clinical studies to promote normal form and structure and alleviate arthritic pain.

Suggested Use:
We recommend for the first bottle or two, take 3 capsules twice a day. First thing in the morning and then before bedtime. After we recommend a daily maintenance of 3 capsules per day for 2 to 3 months or continue using Nu Joint as a daily supplement or start up use again if needed. Nu Joint should be taken about 30 minutes before meals preferable with orange juice which aids digestion.

Other Benefits
Nu Joints Collagen Type II also contains about 11% Hyaluronic Acid which makes up part of the Collagen Type II matrix. HA is the spongy Lubricating, water filled gel collagen found at the end of bones.

Collagen Type II may turn out to be one of the most cardio-protective agents ever discovered. Collagen Type II contains natural proteoglycan that are found in the lining of the arteries, nasal septa and the cornea of our eyes. Clinical studies have shown that Collagen Type II reduced the cholesterol and other lipids in the blood and actually cleared cholesterol from the lining of arteries. Along term study done by Dr. Lester M. Morrison indicated a 600 percent reduction in the incidence of fatal heart.