Not only is Renee losing weight and 'back fat', she is completely off
pain and arthritis meds. Checkout her story below:

“I have been using Javita coffee since the end of January 2014.
Someone told me it was ‘weight loss’ coffee. I’ve been on EVERY
drug, diet and pill as well as to every type of doctor. So why not try
it? It's just coffee, right? Started with adding it to my already
brewed coffee. You know, just to give me an extra boost of energy. I
love my morning cup of coffee. Without it I get a caffeine withdrawal

The results were pretty fast. What brought it to life for me is,
everyone has one of those parts of our bodies you see the results
first. Well mine was that ‘upper back fat’ that you try to hide
with your bra. It is disappearing. What is really amazing is I had
back surgery years ago. The lower back pain was horrible. The
narcotics I have needed for the last TEN long years and the arthritis
medication, I am completely off of.

For over a month, I have slept better and awaken in the morning not
feeling tired. It is May and I am down 31 pounds. That is HUGE. I
still eat, but less. More importantly, I am not hungry at all. Now, I
have dropped my other coffee and am only drinking (2-3 packets). I
have a long way to go, but I am changing my life one cup at a time.
Well, really two or three cups. I love my Javita coffee. Anyone want a
coffee maker? One happy customer for life.” ~Renee

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