One father’s amazing results with Javita lean green tea leave his
daughter (Arianne) singing its praises. Check out Richard’s story

“My father is diabetic and has high blood pressure. He's started
drinking Javita’s green tea (a half packet at night) two months ago.
He's lost 10 lbs in his belly area. His blood sugar went from high
200's down to 112 in the mornings & blood pressure has improved
dramatically. His facial color is great and he has lots of energy.
Before Javita he was waking up at all hours of the night to use
restroom. Now he gets a good night’s sleep, sleeping all the way
through the night.

After 2 months, he has been able to cut his medication in half (from
1000 mg to 500 mg a day) and is now talking a full packet of tea a
night. Additionally, his PSA levels for his prostate went from 6.7
(high risk) to 3.5 (normal range) in just three weeks.

He looks and feels wonderful. I'm so excited for his amazing results.
Go Javita lean green tea!!”~Arianne

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