The only thing better than making believers out of skeptics, is
helping someone to believe in themselves again. Like a beautiful
phoenix rising from the ashes, checkout this wonderful testimonial
from Elizabeth...

"I first started drinking Javita in January. Of course, I was
skeptical and thought, 'yeah right!' Now before drinking Javita I was
depressed. I would sleep all day in my recliner. I battle Bi-polar II,
PTSD AND anxiety on top of being overweight. Well after trying my
FIRST box of Javita coffee, I noticed my clothes were not fitting
right--much looser--but  I felt amazing! No longer sleeping all day.
No longer depressed. I had tons of energy, and my family said I
finally looked alive again!

My husband even told me that I was once again the woman he first fell
in love with! I had a physical and stepped on the scale and to my
AMAZEMENT, I was 20 lbs. lighter!!!!!!!! I also went to Forever21 and
started screaming and squealing with joy after trying on about 4
dresses of what I thought was still 'my size' only to realize they
were all TOO BIG!!!! Needless to say, I ended up rocking a smaller
size dress and I looked and felt hot on Valentines day!!!! I am so
grateful and thankful for Javita, that I shared it with my family and
they are all getting healthier, smarter and skinny!!! I am in love
with this product!!! Thank you! No medication made me feel like myself
and no diet EVER helped me lose weight! Now I'm kicking depression's &
Bi-Polar's butt AND looking hot!!! Thank you Javita!!!!!!!!"
~Elizabeth S.

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