Changing her coffee has this wife and mother cruising through her day
with flying colors…

“My story goes like this...I was one of those people who never had
enough energy to get through my day. By mid afternoon, I felt as
though if I blinked, my eyes would stay shut! I also was trying to
lose about 10 lbs, and no matter what I tried, I GAINED a pound. Then
I discovered Javita!! A great friend of mine started selling this

She and I had both endured numerous weight-loss solutions together and
did well (as long as we were on the product). Once we were able to
maintain our weight and went off of the products, our weight slowly
crept up on us again. She knew that in addition to trying to lose
weight, I was extremely busy with work and extra projects and was
having issues with energy. She offered Javita samples to me, and it
totally changed my coffee drinking!!

I drink my coffee in the morning and I have a green tea in the
afternoon. I am able to get up and steam roll through my day AND part
of the night!! I no longer turn into a pumpkin if I’m not in bed by
10:00 pm!! People are seeing a huge difference in my daily attitude
and they LOVE it. I am asked frequently what I am doing...and how can
they get on it as well.

Javita is going to change coffee/tea drinkers forever.” ~Sherry O

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