Krystal D.

Krystal D.

According to one mother, Javita's energy mind doesn't just have her
12-year-old skipping her A.D.D. meds (thanks to clearer thinking),
she's also breathing easier. Check out Krystal's story below:

"On top of my 12 year old NOT TAKING her A.D.D meds, I have recently
noticed that she has NOT HAD ONE flare up (allergy) since October. I
didn't really think of it until spring came around and I expected
issues and NOTHING HAPPENED. Normally she takes her Singular,
nebulizer, decongestant AND inhalers every time the season changes
(allergy induced asthmatic), BUT since October she has NOT TAKEN
ANYTHING. Energy Mind has been a REAL BLESSING." ~Krystal D.

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