NLP Coaching



NLP uses top mind-body technologies to help individuals discover and tap into their most powerful physical,mental, and emotional resources.  

Quantum Change Process

$150 for 2-3 hour session

Quantum Change process is a highly effective technique for accessing unresolved issues and old core belief systems that are buried in the unconscious, and resolving or letting go of the emotions linked to them. The premise: our present day life is built upon our past. Our body holds a memory of every thought you have ever had, every word you have ever spoken, every word ever spoken to you, every action you have ever taken, every experience you have ever encountered, every single waking moment of your life. Every emotion, every thought, every belief attached to these memories is held in the body and may keep you stuck in old patterns. You may be prevented from living the life you want until the root of the issue is consciously released, thereby allowing the cycle to be broken. All sessions are safe, fully interactive and rely on involvement and ongoing communication between client and practitioner. What are your beliefs regarding love, relationships, health, finances, people, success, and your own self-worth? Are these your own beliefs or were you taught or conditioned to believe a certain way? We may achieve goals based on our beliefs and we may equally sabotage every hope and dream based on our beliefs. What is your belief?

Timeline Therapy™


 $150 per 2-3 hour session — 

Time Line Therapy® is a unique and unmatched method for quickly and effectively creating powerful and lasting change. This process was developed in the 1980's by Dr. Tad James, one of the world's leading experts in the field of NLP. The Time Line Therapy ® techniques allow people to work at an unconscious level to release the harmful effects of past negative experiences and change inappropriate  or self-defeating programming in minutes rather than days, months, or years. The tools can assist with: Inappropriate emotional reactions such as burst of anger or rage. Depression and sadness. Chronic fear and/or anxiety. Release of old hurts. Overwhelming guilt. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Phobias. Unwanted thoughts and behaviors. Grief and Bereavement. Release of limiting decisions, such as "I'm not good enough," "I'll never be successful," or "I don't deserve a great marriage." Limiting beliefs and decisions create false limitations and hamper a person's ability to create experiences. All sessions are safe, fully interactive and rely on involvement and ongoing communication between client and practitioner. 

Holistic Hypnotherapy


$75 per hour plus GST

Consists  of four elements. Definition is the personal process of intimate self-assessment that defines reality for the individual. Application is the means  to manifesting the definition. Healing is the result of this process and can be physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, or financial. Contentment is the acceptance, with inner peace and satisfaction, of the process by the individual. The Certified/Registered  Master Hypnotherapist provides guidance towards a pathway to heal the various parts of the individual.