"Making the World Healthier

One Person at a Time"


Floyd Brown

Photo Comparative Blood Analyst

& Certified Instructor

I spent twelve years as an X-Ray Technologist in the Medical System . The first time I was introduced to this idea it seemed too good to be true. I was very skeptical, finally after seeing this process done I was very excited to see how we could work at a cellular level and watch the improvements take place in the live and dry blood samples. I had always felt that if a person could work on the cellular level that many illnesses could be avoided. My youngest son had been sick with severe asthma, unwarranted nosebleeds, bruising and lack of energy. He was my first client and his live blood sample was a complete disaster in the beginning. So I put him on a program and did his blood each week. I watched as his sample improved that he himself was improving as well.  Within two months his asthma was gone and within six months his bruising and nosebleeds were a thing of the past. He was only five years old then. Now he is a healthy twenty-three year old living to his fullest potential not being hindered by the ailments from his youth.

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