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Photo Comparative Blood Analysis

$150 for Initial appointment/ $100 for Follow up appointment plus GST

Blood Analysis requires two drops of blood taken from the finger tip. One droplet of blood reveals function and viability of the various cell types and the other droplet indicates accumulation of metabolic by-products in various areas of the body. The dried sample is a road map to where the free radical activity is in the body. Through observing various conditions in the live and dried samples, a nutritional program specific to the needs of the client is recommended.

Raindrop Technique

$125 per session plus GST

 The Raindrop Technique uses Young Living essential oils placed on the feet and dropped up the spine. Using various techniques, the oils are then worked into the feet and back. The benefits of this therapy are multiple. To list a few: spinal re-alignment, improved circulation, supports immune system, reduced pain, and improved emotional state,reduce inflammation,ease respiratory discomfort, balance energy and restore calm and increase the ability to concentrate.






Body Balancing/Touch For Health

$75 per session plus GST

Performed by using acupressure touch and touch for health techniques to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. It helps to enhance peoples own recuperative powers.


Neural Auricular Technique

$200 per session plus GST— 

Use of  Young Living essential oils applied with a probe to cleanse and clean receptors of nerves in the cervical spine. This technique enables the sympathetic nervous system to relax, reducing tension, decreasing anxiety, improving muscle response, and improving circulation.